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The Cactus Garden was the last work of Cesar Manrique, a symbol of
insular history showing more than 10.

1000 cactus on an old quarry in the form of an amphitheater.

The Cactus Garden is located on the outskirts of Guatiza on the road
to Mala. It is in this area for over a century the has given cochineal,
an insect that plays on the cactus and
whose larvae obtained carmine, valued natural coloring.

From the road entrance is easily recognized from the Garden, as it
rises from the ground, the sculpture of a cactus of 8 meters.

This Resort has seized an abandoned quarry “Rofe”
(Volcanic ash), with an amphitheater in whose steps you can admire
different kinds of cactus, over 10,000 from the Canary Islands, the Americas and Madagascar.

In the center stone monoliths are erected to complement the design
the Garden. On one side stands in the old monolith, renovated in 1973
by Cesar Manrique, where it was produced gofio, millet flour (maize)
and consumed by the ancestors of the islanders.