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The Cave of the Greens, just north of the island south west of the volcano,
belongs to a system of tubes of about 6 km. Length of training to be a
most interesting volcanic island and one of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world.

The caves and galleries arose during a prehistoric eruption of the volcano Mount
Crown, 3000 years ago. A broad stream of lava rushed to the coast
East deep into the sea. First the surface is rapidly cooled lava
solidifying while the river of molten lava continued to flow beneath the lava.
The older basaltic rocks melted by the erosive action of the lava.

Cavities were formed to be inflated by the gas burst into one of the places.
Probably this phenomenon was repeated, since there are two superimposed galleries linked together at
some areas for vertical spaces. In 1964 a distance of 2 km. Long for
visitors, provides stylish lighting for dramatic effect to this natural monument so capricious.